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Thrift shops and garage sales have always held a certain allure for me. Discarded items, that were at some point ‘useful’ to their previous owner, lay on shelves ready for me to intervene and give them new purpose. These objects ignite in me feelings of reverence and nostalgia, propelling me to mix and match and weave together elements that otherwise may never have met. These sculptural works are communal pieces in a sense, as they come to life from items that already have a story of their own, these stories become intertwined and breathe new narrative – a shared narrative.

Art is ritualistic for me, a healing practice that speaks no one language.  The ability to connect with others without speaking has always been a source of magic for me, a source of magic I believe we all possess. Art has the power to transcend, either through the process of creating or through witnessing a finished piece; it is reactive and reflective and lends a powerful voice to the voiceless.

Working in and with community is my favourite place to be, engaging in pursuits of shared experience is a sequence of moments I cherish and hope to spend a greater amount of time participating in.

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